Ongoing Projects

Bobbili Projects

Haritha Farm Lands

A thoughtful opportunity to turn your earnings into wealth. Haritha Farm Lands project is successfully managed by VSN Properties will make your dream come true of living in your own cottage with your family in the most peaceful lap of nature, with Malabar Plantation for future residence under their guidance. Respecting money and keeping future needs in mind VSN aims to turn the time spent waiting for the plot rate to increase into income and give you high returns on your investment through Malabar Plantation. Properties are their determination.

Project Specifications:

i. A fine facade and parapet
ii. 100% Absolute Vastu
iii. 30 and 20 feet roads
iv. Swimming pool
v. 24 hours protection
vi. Instant registration facility
vii. Membership in resorts affiliated with our company
viii. Opportunity to enjoy a cottage lifestyle
ix. 60 Malabar Plants per 200 yards approx
x. Modern street lights and transformer
xi. Children's park and gems
xii. Drip irrigation system
xiii. Avenue plantation on both sides of the roads

Sri Gandham & Tissue Culture Teak Plantation

Natural Sandalwood of our country has a special place in the world since ancient times. This Sandalwood has a special place in our rituals. Sri Gandham is widely used in the preparation of various types of medicines, which is the main reason why it is considered very sacred for all pujas in our country. Along with the price of sri gandham due to many unique reasons like this. The demand is also increasing exponentially. Tissue Culture Teak (Saguas) wood is in tremendous demand worldwide. This wood is mainly used in home and office interiors. Teak leaves are in great demand in the market for the preparation of various types of medicines, not only medicinally but also having excellent medicinal properties. Currently tissue culture teak (sagwan) farming is very profitable due to demand in domestic and international market.

Specialities of Sri gandha:

i. Shri gandham tree can be harvested in 10 - 13 years.
ii. Sri gandham is in high demand world wide due its unique medicinal and aromatic properties.
iii. 10-15 years to grow plants under good management practices:
All expenses borne by the company.
iv. Profits net of deduction and government taxes are shared between the company and the owners in the ratio of 50-50.
v. About 30-40 kg of wood is obtained from a 15 years old sri gandham tree.
vi. Current market value per kg is Rs. 10,000/- is approx.
vii. A tree costs approximately Rs. 3,00,000/- is likely to generate revenue.

Features of Tissue Culture Teak:

i. These trees are heavy growing and yield good quality timber.
ii. Approximately 50-80 plants are raised per 1000 yards.
(One plant per 12 feet)
iii. We get approximately 60,000/- per tree. Its reasonable dream at the age of 10-12 years.
iv. The total height of each tree is 40-50 feet minimum.
v. Excluding cutting and government fees, the proceeds will be shared between the company and the owners in the ratio of 50-50.
vi. Teak leaves with excellent medicinal properties are in great demand in the medical markets.

Mythri Nivas

Project Features:

  • Buda plots in developing area
  • A fine facade and parapet
  • Gated Community
  • Plots with 100% Vastu
  • Instant registration facility
  • Modern street lights and transformer
  • Children's park
  • Shade trees on both sides of the road (Avenue Plantation)
  • 40 feet of asphalt roads
  • Sewage system

Kurupam Projects

Diamond City

Joy... Joy...

This is our invitation to Diamond City

A thoughtful opportunity to turn your earnings into wealth. VSN Properties, the successful developer of the Diamond City Project, is a DTCP approved venture, making your dreams come true to live happily with your family in your own villa in the lap of nature in the most peaceful surroundings of the future.

- Your's VSN Properties

Basic Facilities:

i. DTCP Proposed plot
ii. 100% Clear Title
iii. Plots with 100% Vastu
iv. Instant registration facility
v. Well-maintained facade and retaining wall
vi. 33 and 40 feet asphalt roads
vii. Sewage system
viii. Modern street lights
ix. Transformer
x. Children's park
xi. Shade trees on both sides of the road
xii. Gated community

Basic Facilities:

i. For the first time, sites are developed for building houses immediately with DTCP approval.
ii. A customer who purchases a plot in Diamond City will be given a membership card at Vangapalli Resorts with a 50% discount.
iii. Pollution free environment, abundant ground water resources
iv. Transportation facilities to all areas

Indira Nagar

Invest in Indiranagar Give a helping hand to future generations make your own home dream come true

- Your's VSN Properties

Venture Features:

i. DTCP Approved Layout
ii. Plots with 100% Vastu
iii. Spot registration
iv. Clear Title
v. 33 feet of roads
vi. Grand Entrance Arch
vii. Children's Park
viii. Electricity supply
ix. Drainage facility
x. Planting shade trees on both sides of the road

Vizianagaram Venture's


A premium VMRDA layout connected to National Highway and other infrastructural developments between Vizag & Vizianagaram

A scintillating experience of wholesome luxury awaits you and your family at Janaki Rama Nagar. Introducing the Residential plots, simplex, duplex houses & Villas at Jonnavalasa, Vizianagaram, a state of great comfort, luxury and bliss in an independent universe that's tailor-made for you and your family.

Project Highlight:

i. VMRDA & AP RERA Approved layout
ii. 100% Vastu
iii. Clear Title and Spot registration
iv. Entrance Arch with Gate
v. Compound wall
vi. All 40 wide black top roads
vii. Avenue plantation
viii. Electricity supply
ix. Drainage facility
x. Children play area and park
xi. Bit marking to each plot
xii. Ready to construction
xiii. Independent tap connection to each plot
xiv. Pollution free atmosphere


Raj Vihar